Relax Zone Massage
Swedish * Deep Tissue * Refelxology
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Massage Packages


    Special #1 $89 Couples full body massage with free hot stones.(No Other Specials Combine)

    Special #2 take $5 off #1 thru #9 when paid in $$$$CASH$$$$


1   Foot Reflexology Massage

  • $30 (1 hour)

Relax from head to toe with our 1 hour Asian Style Reflexology & Body Massage. Sooth your aching feet in a relaxing foot soak while your head, shoulders, back, and hands get massaged to make you feel younger and relieve tension and stress

2   Hot Wax Foot Massage

  • $35 (1 hour)

Here is a special massage for you, we use hot wax for your feet with a foot reflexology massage and it is very relaxing.

3   Asian Combo Massage #1 ( 1 hour )

  • $45 Special - (Regular $60 -1 hour)

A very relaxing deep tissue massage begins with your head, shoulders, and back for 40 minutes and then your feet are massaged for 20 minutes. It will make you pain free with no stress ( $5 extra to add hot wax )

4   Asian Combo Massage #2 ( 90 mins )

  • $65 Special - (Regular $75 - 90 minutes)

This massage is done in a private room and it begins with deep tissue massage and swedish massage for 60 minutes. Then the feet are massaged for 30 minutes. This massage will have you leave feeling like a new you.  POPULAR!

5   Swedish Massage ( 1 hour )

  • $55 Special - (Regular $60- 1 hour)

Swedish massage therapy is probably one of the more relaxing therapeutic massage techniques in the world. This full body massage is done in a private room and focuses on the back, neck, shoulders and legs. This provides an excellent stress relief. POPULAR!

6   Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour )

  • $55 Special - (Regular $60- 1 hour)

Deep tissue is a great massage for someone looking to get rid of those nasty muscle spasms also the knots. Also gets rid of back and neck pain. Deep tissue massage is definitely more intense than some of the other massages and offers some of the greatest benefits. ( add hot stone )

7   Relax Zone Fusion Combo Massage ( 90 mins )

  • $79 (90 minutes)

For a full 90 minutes enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of a western style massage ( Swedish & Deep Tissue ) with the rejuvenating and deeper pressure of Eastern style massage. This is for the person who wants to enjoy all the benefits and leave feeling new. ( add hot stone)  MOST POPULAR!

8   4 Hands Massage

  • $99 (1 hour)

Our 4 hands Swedish or deep tissue massage is recommended for those that want to give themselves the experience of a full body massage with double the hands. Both therapists will spend time massaging your neck, shoulders, back and legs. The added hands will do wonders to alleviate and remove tension, muscle spasms and stress.

9   Lazy Yoga Thai Massage  ( 1 hour )


A couples massage is a great way to enjoy your time together with a loved one. Friend, mom, daughter, etc.


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